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Is FC “Viking” - new Smart-Lab? “The first pancake is always lumpy?” The first FC “Viking” conference
December 15, 2023
On the 15th of December 2023, in Sokolniki, took place the first FC “Viking” conference named “Professional investments”. Organizers have completed all objectives and created the required environment for a successful event implementation.
Experience exchange and new connections were the basics of the conference. It was divided into 4 sections and each section we’ll consider more in detail further in this article.
The opener of the first section “PEOPLE AND EFFICIENCY” was general director of “Alor+” Aleksander Kalin. He had his own report on how his team is operating with the broker. In this panel discussion, a lot of key questions were raised, but one of the most discussed was a question by CEO of FC “Viking” Vladislav Kamenskiy: “Will Artificial Intelligence replace traders?”.
Also, participants have appreciated the performance of Vyacheslav Arbuzov, the co-founder of “Rusquant”, the analytics that he had shown about types of tradings and the analytics on the Chinese market from Aleksander Dushkin, the assets manager of “International Fund of the Private Investments”.
After a short coffee break, which had a lot of participants to get acquainted and exchange contacts, the second section “NEW OPPORTUNITIES” had begun. During it, two opposite approaches for trading in terms of speed were mentioned. The bright representative of arbitrage and High-Frequency trading was Maksim Bersenev - senior assets manager in “Quantum Rise” with his report on arbitrage opportunities in the currency market of Moscow Exchange. On the side of obligations and options, Petr Ter-Avanesyan - “Invest Navigator” channel author, had his equally strong report.
The final section – “PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGIES” – was dedicated to the technical part of the trading. Audiences’ attention was locked on how to gain safe and high-frequency trading. Denis Morozov, the advisor of the general director for integrations of “Alor+”, had presented the Atlas terminal, which could fit all of the necessary tools for different trading types, starting from scalping terminal and finishing with the event calendar for the investors portfolio.
One of the most discussed topics of the conference was lack of options liquidity, which was brought up during the second section by the head of the development department of the “Tinkoff Investments” Aleksander Gusev.
After lunch break, the third section called “FINANCIAL STABILITY AND RISK PROTECTION” had begun. Characteristic of this section was speakers’ thoughts on the key rate of the Bank of Russia. Each performer agreed with the “Quiet Money” channel author Konstantin Novikov general concept.
Into the technical parts of algorithmic trading, the participants were immersed by Aleksey Sokirko – head of the management of the technical services development in the PJSC “Moscow Exchange” and Viktor Chernikov – Data Analyst in the FC “Viking”.

At the end of the final section, the participants had a fourchette, where the results of the event were discussed.
Speakers came together with the idea that many things depend on inflation data, which will come in 2024, but in the first quarter, or even first half of the year the decrease of the key rate is not expected. There are different scenarios of the Central Bank rate movement, but the average forecast is 12-10% by the end of 2024.

Besides that, this session had a development on a question about options liquidity, which was answered by Anastasiya Holoshyak - an expert of derivatives market from the PJSC “Moscow Exchange”.
FC “Viking” is thankful to both speakers and all participants, who were able to attend their first conference and promises that each new event will get better and better.

We are waiting for you this spring at our following conference!
Ilya Likhonin