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Traders’ issue, simplicity for “chatGPT-4”
Dealing with arbitrage trading, there is always a problem of the lack of features in app, which could be useful for work. But before you ask your developers for help, you need to set up a technical task for them, which can take several working days of your time. Using an AI like “ChatGPT-4” is a completely different approach. For example, in our case, “ChatGPT-4” helped with the problem of the absence of market data plot display and allowed us to track starting parameters of the delta.
CHALLENGE: How to develop a graphical interface for data input and display in an arbitrage robot without programming skills and professional developers hiring? In particular, the plot of the delta limit sell and limit buy.
April 30, 2023
We’ve given all fkviking robot documentation to the “ChatGPT-4” by parts to train it. It has quickly got that this app is processing exchange data and makes arbitrage trades. Code generation happens in a matter of seconds, which is certainly an advantage.
We were gradually loading it with chapters of the documentation and at the moment when we thought that it had enough information, we gave it a task to write a Python script for authorization in robot. As non-developers, we were struggling to understand what to do with a given code and we asked it to help us with this problem. “ChatGPT-4” commented all lines of code and united them into a single file. Sometimes we had issues, such as zeros in portfolio market data.
Chat has given us an instruction about how to convert data into an HTML-file and receive it in a browser. It explained step-by-step how to save a file, add and install necessary libraries. As a result, when we received the first version of the interface, we asked it to change background color and to turn on button highlighting for convenience. Although these details are not so important in comparison with what has been the key of “ChatGPT-4” work – it was displaying the data about lim sell and lim buy. We’ve done it all in one evening without any fuss.
It is time to publish a SOURCE FILE, which you can use. Currently, this file is configured for Bitmex and Bitcoin strategy, but you can change it for any available connection and pick what is of your interest from ruble to Sberbank futures. In order to do that, you can use a tutorial below.

To achieve visual delta, you need to complete several steps. You’ll be able to make your own data with our source file. Let’s do it step-by-step.
1. To obtain access for market data, you need to have an access for arbitrage robot
2. Enter the API section, press enable API and create new key

Making a traders interface with AI help

Since “ChatGPT-4” has not read any references, we’ve decided to warm it up with starting information. It was useful, because in case when we would ask it to develop a connector, it would start searching for every description of the robot API, which can lead for mistakes because of the outdated references and irrelevant parts of code.
3. Download our source file and open it with Notepad
4. Search for a phrase “HERE IS MY PORTFOLIO NAME” and replace it with your portfolio's name. — it is located in line 158.
5. After that you need to locate and replace:
  • Secret key
  • Email
  • Your portfolio ID
6. Save all changes. Save the file with .html extension if needed.
7. Run it with double click in the browser.
Ramiz Kurbanov and Sergey Vasilenko