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Value of software in arbitrage trading
One of the most valuable advantages of arbitrage software is absence of limitations on the number of produced strategies. It allows to achieve more flexible control of the account and to diversify risks.
July 14, 2023
Our software does not limit the number of produced strategies, which allows to use more complicated strategies that contain 3 or more assets. For example, we can make a triangular strategy, using Euro/Ruble, Dollar/Ruble, Euro/Dollar. Strategies like this have wider correlations and provide an ability to earn more profits.
Another important option is a connection of several connectors, which can be used in portfolios with several assets by connecting to different markets.
For instance, using a connection to the cryptomarket, you can trade Bitcoin for dollars or euros. Let us suppose that BTCUSD is growing, but the euro is lagging. This is a situation, where you have a long position with the dollar and a short one with euro, which leads to currency risk. However, using another connection to the MOEX, we can eliminate the risk by EUR/USD pair usage. Therefore, the third side in a portfolio will buy euros and sell dollars, actually making a trade with EUR/USD. Our robot can calculate the required volumes of trades automatically.

Imagine that you can create portfolios without any limitations from classical arbitrage trading with two assets. One of the assets can be included into several portfolios with different configurations. For example, Sber shares can be placed in a pair with Sber futures or to be a part of the portfolio, which includes futures for the MOEX index.
Notifications and remote corrections in a portfolio are of great value. Arbitrage trading on a professional level requires working with a computer. It is hard to test, to follow the precision of positions hedging and to configure several strategies with a mobile phone. However, one can not be with his computer all the time. In cases like this, the correction of parameters or one of the strategies activities will be very useful during high volatility. These functions are available in our Telegram bot.
Another significant feature of our robot is an ability to write your own formula, developed for your strategies. Everything you need about algorithms is available in our documentation.

We offer one more useful option for our users. It is especially relevant in cryptomarkets trading. “Anti-spam” module helps you to avoid getting banned on the cryptomarket. You can configure parameters that are evenly spread your bids according to the market rules, to make a market not to consider you as a spammer. This will help you to avoid getting banned and will provide an uninterrupted trading process of your robots.
Ramiz Kurbanov and Sergey Vasilenko